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Ask Smarter Questions and Get Better Answers

What if the team tried more 3 pointers versus layups? Can I save fuel if my truck was 10% bigger? What if there was 20% more rainfall this summer? Would decreasing the price of electric cars significantly decrease carbon emissions?

Whenever we analyze the cause and effect of previous events, we always ask ourselves “what if…?” and attempt to predict how things would change given different circumstances. In the past, this effort was little more than guesswork. With Heinrich Group’s advanced predictive analytics, you can ask your “what if” questions and get fast, accurate, and scalable answers to your questions.

Heinrich Group’s machine learning platform can analyze massive data sets to provide actionable insights that help drive data-driven decisions. Heinrich Group’s classifier and regressor algorithms can be used to answer your questions on enterprise job scheduling, logistics and supply chain management, and more.

The “What-If” Process

  1. Develop a hypothesis or determine the feature you want to test
  2. Set up the experiment and create multiple scenarios with control groups and test groups
  3. Execute the test and make sure to capture all the relevant/important data
  4. Analyze the results to generate new insights
  5. Apply these insights and make goal oriented decisions

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