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What is the most likely stock price tomorrow? How uncertain is that prediction? What is the most likely rating of this new movie in different geographic locations? What is the most likely yield rate of a four year college?

With the wealth of information available to organizations, the main challenge they face is extracting actionable insights from massive databases. While leveraging this data can add value to all types of organizations, finding the right analytics method to support your needs may be difficult. Heinrich Group’s high performance machine learning can predict the future outcome or value of products and services up to 10,000 times faster than current alternatives, giving you the competitive advantage to respond more efficiently to changes in this fast-paced environment.

One use case example lies in logistics. As a logistics and delivery enterprise, speed and efficiency are top priorities. You can use Heinrich Group’s regression algorithms to make predictions on how many packages will be delivered from one location to another and re-allocate your resources to be more cost efficient.

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