Dig Deeper And Use Predictive Analytics to Drive Competitive Advantage

Telecommunication service providers have access to huge amounts of detailed user data. Constantly evolving networks, protocols, and services substantially increase the amount of raw data to service providers, as well as the opportunities to extract new insights. Heinrich Group’s machine learning software can help you differentiate yourself from the competition and strengthen your role in the telecommunications ecosystem.

Heinrich Group’s state of the art machine learning software can produce fast, accurate, and scalable predictive models to help you:

Understand User Demographics
  • Reveal user behavior. Analyze existing social networks to find patterns in the way users interact to help you discover user segments
  • Predict churn. Discover leading indicators that cause churn, identify users who display these indicators, and take pre-emptive action to reconnect with those users
  • Personalize. Make customized service offerings and tailor subscription packages to different user profiles for increased success/conversion rates
  • Targeted ads. Tailor ads to specific individuals, situations, and devices for better results
Make Informed Business Decisions
  • Reduce waste. Use machine learning to identify excess resources and improve resource allocation and management to save for your organization
  • Boost fraud detection. Find patterns in previous fraudulent activity to quickly identify abnormal behavior, suspicious activity and increase detection rates
  • Grow existing offerings and develop new ones. Identify specific services different user types are interested in to target research and development

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