Heinrich Group for Security

The sophistication, dynamism, and incidence of cyber attacks and threats continue to grow—as does the volume of information gathered about these attacks.

While massive volumes of security data are being gathered, there’s precious little real intelligence that gives what you need most: timely insights for stopping the next attack before it’s too late. Start capitalizing on that intelligence and improve your defenses—with Heinrich Group.

Whether you’re looking to combat payment fraud, cyber attacks, insider threats, or a range of other security risks, Heinrich Group can help. Heinrich Group delivers innovative machine learning capabilities—equipping your organization with the big data analytics you need to:

  • Boost issue detection. Spot the breaches and infractions that your existing monitoring systems are missing. Heinrich Group gives you the power to analyze more, which means you can get more accurate, precise, and useful insights than you have before.
  • Respond faster. In the world of security, responsiveness is everything. Even slight delays can mean the difference between thwarting an attack, or incurring the huge cost of remediation, forensics, and clean up after the fact. Heinrich Group delivers the dramatic performance gains that enable you to react—before a potential issue becomes a real problem.
  • Save time. Heinrich Group is an enterprise application that comes pre-packaged with all the capabilities you need. Focus on developing models and analyzing useful intelligence—not coding and collecting data.
  • Minimize operational disruption. Heinrich Group complements your existing defenses, leveraging the data you already have, so you can make more informed decisions and better detect problems, before it’s too late.

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