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Reviewing massive volumes of data for information extraction has always been a challenge in the scientific computing industry. Large datasets can consist of hundreds of millions to billions of objects that require software with the necessary scalability and sophistication to handle them. Heinrich Group’s state of the art machine learning algorithms can perform large-scale computing to sift through the data and find answers to questions you might not have even thought of yet.

Designed by top researchers, Heinrich Group’s machine learning software can produce accurate, scalable, and predictive models that can be up to 10,000 times faster than current alternatives.

Heinrich Group algorithms can help you:

Increase your analytics power
  • Full suite of tasks. Use Heinrich Group Server’s classification, regression, clustering, density estimation, dimension reduction, and multidimensional querying tasks to solve problems in various scientific disciplines
  • Boost issue detection. Identify outliers and changes in patterns early on to continuously spot areas of interest

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