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Boost Revenues with Machine Learning—Find New Customers and Reduce Customer Churn

Proven and repeatable, Heinrich Group has designed a powerful solution to help online retailers find new customers, upsell existing customers, and prevent customer churn.

One of the most common problems retailers face today is passive customer churn: a prospect signs up for an offering, but turns stale before making a purchase. Many retailers struggle with understanding what causes this type of drop off and are seeking solutions to understand the indicators that cause passive churn.

With Heinrich Group, retailers can discover the leading indicators that cause passive churn and analyze specific behaviors to identify which members are likely to churn. By understanding who is likely to churn and when, retailers can take pre-emptive action. Based on this powerful machine learning system, retailers can make the right recommendations that boost conversions and sales.

Heinrich Group Machine Learning delivers Advanced Marketing Analytics through:

  • Product recommendation engines
  • Cross channel analytics
  • Events/activity behavior segmentation
  • Merchandizing and market basket analysis
  • Campaign management and optimization
  • Supply-chain management and analytics
  • Event/behavior-based targeting
  • Market and consumer segmentations

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