Real Estate Valuation

Pushing Property Valuation Into the New Frontier with Machine Learning

Imagine if you could accurately predict the ROI on each specific residential property—and significantly boost your success rates on every investment moving forward? Now you can with Heinrich Group.

Heinrich Group is giving residential property service companies, like Brookfield, a competitive edge by using machine learning to accurately predict market values two or three years down the road.

Additionally, Machine Learning can be used to analyze homeowner attributes and market triggers to identify which territories are most likely to sell.

Given the wide range of benefits that can be achieved through our Advanced Analytics capabilities, Heinrich Group can be used as a competitive differentiator for residential property service firms, appraisers, investment professionals, and lending institutions.

With Heinrich Group, real estate and investment companies can:

  • Improve the quality of automatic valuation model (AVM) predictions
  • Boost the value of property portfolios
  • Predict which homes are the most likely to sell

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