Extend Life Sciences Applications via Data Science

The evidence-driven Life Sciences industry has access to large quantities of heterogeneous data, including clinical (demographics, symptoms, tests), logistics (costs, policies, guidelines), and bibliographic (resources) data. The plethora of information can overwhelm computer scientists as they struggle to sift through multitudes of variables.

Heinrich Group’s machine learning software can extract knowledge patterns from provided databases in a flexible and scalable way to discover patterns and find outliers. This can be used to generate accurate models that make predictions on unseen data and assist life sciences companies make business driven decisions based on industry specific data.

Heinrich Group can help Life Sciences organizations:

Bring drugs to market
  • Speed. Heinrich Group’s state of the art algorithms are up to 10,000 times faster than existing approaches in the market
  • Identify promising drug tests. Determine which drug alternatives are the most effective and continuously improve your clinical trials
  • Recognize vulnerabilities. Accomplish risk assessment and mitigation by monitoring and managing abnormal behavior and increase detection rates
  • Manage supply chains. Identify supply chain inefficiencies to improve resource allocation and management and save substantial amounts for your organization

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