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Leverage Intelligence to Maximize Marketing ROI

Both within your organization and across the world, there are vast stores of customer, demographic, and behavioral data. How do you sift through these massive amounts of data to determine which individuals are most likely to buy? How do you intelligently target your marketing efforts, so they yield optimal returns, with minimal costs? Put Heinrich Group Data Science to work for your organization, and see what intelligent lead scoring can do for your revenues.

Without concrete intelligence, marketing is too often based on guesswork, conjecture, and trial and error. With Heinrich Group Data Science, your organization can harness vast volumes of data to more accurately determine which are the best leads to target—and which aren’t.

Heinrich Group offers capabilities that enable your business to leverage extensive data from inside and outside organization, including demographic data, past purchases and behavior, and much more. Plus, it can apply intelligent weighting to ensure the most important characteristics are factored accordingly. As a result, you can:

  • Optimize conversions. Identify the subset of prospects that have the greatest likelihood to buy.
  • Optimize yield. Gain the insights needed not just to boost sales, but to increase purchases among those customers expected to be most profitable over time.
  • Optimize personalized offers. Match specific offers to specific customers so you can more effectively foster desired behaviors.

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