Drive Predictive Healthcare Modeling to the Next Level

With the multitude of industry reforms and regulatory changes in the healthcare industry, healthcare providers are faced with a rapidly changing landscape and need to find ways to build more effective healthcare models.

Data Science can help health care industry experts manage their financial risks, increase efficiency of the health services they provide, and attain a better understanding of their patient demographic.

Heinrich Group’s state of the art machine learning software can produce fast, accurate, and scalable predictive models to help you:

Manage Financial Risk
  • Make data based decisions on for increased business results
  • Analyze different cost and pricing options of health care packages to create the most competitive combination of services
  • Optimize healthcare delivery and services to match seasonal peaks in demand
Understand Patient Demographic
  • Analyze massive data sets of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to find patterns between patient conditions and patient characteristics (lifestyle choices, family history, environmental indicators)
  • Identify individuals who have higher likelihood of certain conditions and target them with preventative treatments
  • Generate a richer, longitudinal database of information provided by patients by targeting them with questions different patient types are more likely to respond to versus ones that will ignored
  • Find new insights/relationships by analyzing health care records of patients on a variety of medications and/or have multiple conditions to predict who are more at risk (can be in manage risk)

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