Heinrich Group for Fraud Detection

Organizations continue to spend more to combat fraud, yet are seeing little in return. Fraud is estimated to cost merchants more than $200 billion a year.

In healthcare, fraud is estimated to cost taxpayers $60 billion a year. For banks, the cost is over $12 billion. Today, organizations have massive amounts of data for combating fraud, what they’re lacking is the ability to turn all this data into real, actionable intelligence. With Heinrich Group, your organization can tap into your massive data stores and get the critical insights you need to more effectively combat fraud.

Heinrich Group can help your organization effectively leverage untapped data, new data types, and external data sources. Whether you’re looking to combat fraud in insurance, lending, payment, or a range of other areas, Heinrich Group can help. Heinrich Group delivers innovative Data Science capabilities—equipping your organization with the big data analytics you need to:

  • Boost fraud detection. Heinrich Group gives you the power to analyze more, which means you can get more accurate, precise, and useful insights than you have before
  • Respond faster. The faster your organization responds to fraudulent activity, the smaller your losses will be. Heinrich Group delivers the dramatic performance gains that enable you to react—before a potential issue becomes a real problem.
  • Save time. Heinrich Group is an enterprise application that comes pre-packaged with all the capabilities you need. Focus on developing models and analyzing useful intelligence—not coding and collecting data.
  • Minimize operational disruption. Heinrich Group complements your existing defenses, leveraging the data you already have, so you can make more informed decisions and better detect suspicious activity, before it’s too late.

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