Heinrich Group for the Data Scientist

There’s a deep wealth of untapped intelligence in your organization. The problem is that your current analytics platforms are only letting you scratch the surface. Now, Heinrich Group lets you start fully harnessing the data that’s available.

Heinrich Group machine learning helps you spot anomalies, make predictions, and discover recommendations. Find out about opportunities your team hadn’t even considered or thought possible.

With Heinrich Group you can:

Harness more data. Harness more data—both from inside and outside your organization—to gain more sophisticated, accurate, and meaningful insights. Break down information silos and make the most of all your business data.

Save time. Heinrich Group is an enterprise application that comes pre-packaged with all the capabilities you need. Focus on what you’re good at: developing models and analyzing useful intelligence—not coding and collecting data.

Minimize operational disruption. Heinrich Group complements your existing operational systems and leverages your data repositories, so you can minimize integration and administration efforts, while you maximize the value of your data.

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