Heinrich Group for Algorithmic Pricing

Gain Pricing Insights that Fuel Optimal Margins and Expanding Market Share

How much is too much for each customer? What pricing model will win back your most profitable customers? Will offering discounted pricing pay off in the long run? With Heinrich Group, your organization can begin to get accurate and authoritative answers to your pricing questions—even those you didn’t know you had.

Without concrete intelligence, pricing is too often based on guesswork, conjecture, and trial and error. With Heinrich Group Data Science, your organization can harness vast volumes of data to develop more intelligent pricing models and offers. Heinrich Group can help organizations like airlines, insurers, online service providers, health care providers, and many others more effectively set and optimize pricing. Heinrich Group offers algorithmic pricing capabilities that enable your business to leverage extensive data from across the organization and beyond, including demographic data, past behavior, and much more.

As a result, you can:

  • Optimize conversions. Identify pricing that will incent prospects to become buyers, or to get customers to upgrade.
  • Optimize yield. Gain the insights needed not just to boost sales, but to boost sales to those customers expected to be most profitable over time.
  • Optimize personalized offers. Match specific pricing offers to specific customers so you can more effectively foster desired behaviors.

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