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Discover unexpected patterns and relationships that can drive revenue

Affinity analytics can discover co-occurrence relationships among activities performed by specific individuals or groups. In retail, affinity analytics can help you understand the purchasing behavior of customers. These insights can drive revenue through smart cross selling and up selling strategies and can assist you in developing loyalty programs, sales promotions, and discount plans. Heinrich Group’s state of the art machine learning software can help you compare stores based on their unique characteristics to identify any item and store affinity as well.

In e-commerce, companies can use these insights to layout their web pages to influence consumer spending by analyzing the purchase history of a specific consumer, the purchase history of similar consumers, and the new purchasing trends in the market. Heinrich Group’s dimension reduction algorithms can compress multiple variables in the relationship between different objects to highlight what’s important. Use it to identify items that drive people to different sections on the website so that you know what to display on the landing page and what to keep in stock.

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