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Push ad performance to the next level

Some ads perform better than others. How do you optimize results from your advertisements to generate higher click-through ratios, conversions rates, and revenue? The field of ad optimization can be a tricky area due to the large number of variables you can choose to control.

Machine learning can help data scientists test thousands of hypotheses on their ad campaigns using advanced analytics that combines performance, speed and scale. Heinrich Group’s state of the art algorithms can analyze web traffic and click through behavior in real time to determine the best strategy for your company’s ads.

Ad Features

Heinrich Group’s regression tools can help you determine how likely an ad prototype will be clicked as you change different ad features such as size, font, color, text, time of day, placement, and price.

Heinrich Group’s clustering algorithms can you help you cluster successful and unsuccessful ads campaigns to allow you to conduct an in depth analysis on how different features affect the outcome.

Audience Reach

Heinrich Group’s state of the art software can help you analyze existing historical data to find patterns in viewer responses to different ads and help you discover user segments. Customize ad offerings to specific user profiles, environments, and devices, leading to increased click through and conversation rates.

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